Glenda Millard


I am the permanent writer-in-residence at Girrahween, circa 1860, a bewitching Victorian house in Maldon.

A visit to the picturesque town of Maldon places the visitor in the heart of the goldfields to enjoy a leisurely world of luxurious B&B’s, fine food and wine, galleries and specialty shops.

Maldon has, for many years, been a source of inspiration to writers and artists.

Nestled at the foot of Mt Tarrengower in a garden of native and exotic plants is GIRRAHWEEN, a bewitching Victorian cottage Circa 1860, filled with children’s books and illustrations.

This peaceful haven has become a favourite destination for writers and illustrators.

The house and gardens are suitable to host literary events such as writing classes, exhibitions, book launches, small conferences and meetings.

A literary event at Girrahween could be the highlight of your weekend in Maldon.