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Jan 29 2014 
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Watch out for ‘The Duck and the Darklings’….published April 2014

The publishers say….‘The Duck and the Darklings’ is a triumphant story for children and adults, about the coming of hope in dark days, the warmth of friendship and the splendour of a new dawn.’

And I say…..‘This is a story I wrote especially for Stephen Michael King. You won’t believe how extraordinay his illustrations are. ¬†Thank you Stephen!’



the duck and the darkling

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Mar 25 2013 
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‘…even in winter there are glories to be found’ Nell Silk

No it isn’t winter yet, but I couldn’t resist a quote from the 7th and final book in the Kingdom of Silk series. It should be in the shops any day now. Here’s a preview of Stephen Michael King’s beautiful cover.

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