Glenda Millard

My new novel for Young Adults

  • The Stars At Oktober Bend

    The Stars at Oktober Bend

    A powerful, captivating story about Alice, who is reaching out to express herself through her beautiful-broken words, and Manny who is running to escape his past. When they meet they find the tender beginnings of love and healing.

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Novels for younger readers

The Kingdom of Silk Series
  • younger-when-the-angels-came
    When the Angels Came
  • younger-the-naming-oftishkin-silk
    The Naming of Tishkin Silk
  • younger-layla
    Layla, Queen of Hearts
  • younger-perry-angel-sutecase
    Perry Angel’s Suitcase
  • younger-all-the-colours-of-paradise
    All The Colours of Paradise
  • younger-plumpuddingsandpapermoons
    Plum Puddings and Paper Moons
  • younger-the-tender-moments-of-saffron-silk
    The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk

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  • nell-s-festival-of-crisp-winter-glories
    Nell’s Festival of Crisp Winter Glories

Novels for older readers

Picture Books

  • picture-book-unplugged
  • picture-book-angelbreath
    Angel Breath
  • picture-book-mrs-wiggins-wartymelons
    Mrs Wiggins’ Wartymelons
  • picture-book-bones-maloney
    Bones Maloney and the Raspberry Spiders
  • picture-book-heart-of-the-tiger
    Heart of the Tiger
  • picture-book-kaito'scloth
    Kaito’s Cloth
  • picture-book-applesauce-and-the-christmas-miracle
    Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle
  • picture-book-mbobo-tree
    Mbobo Tree
  • picture-book-and-red-galoshes
    And Red Galoshes
  • LJ cover
    Lightning Jack
  • picture-book-isabellas-garden
    Isabella’s Garden
  • for-all-creatures
    For All Creatures