Glenda Millard


I was born in Castlemaine, a beautiful town in the goldfields region of Victoria, Australia and have lived in the area all my life.

When I was 15 I left school but I was 45 before I accidentally became a writer.

There was no television in our house when I was growing up and I read a lot.

I think I learnt how to write by reading books other people wrote.

Now I write picture books as well as novels for younger readers and teenagers.

Some of my books have won awards and been published in many countries.

I feel very lucky to have discovered something I’m good at.

The A-Z of things I like:

  • Autumn
  • Blue Wrens
  • Clinkers lollies
  • Donkeys – especially the ones that came to my last book launch.
  • Echidnas
  • Fairy wrens and Frosty mornings
  • Going down roads I’ve never been before
  • Hammocks
  • Imagining
  • Jack Russell Terriers
  • Knitting scarves and flying Kites.
  • Licking Licorice flavoured ice cream. Lollies any kind but especially Clinkers.
  • Melting Moments biscuits
  • Nutmeg seeds – when you grate them and see how beautiful they are inside
  • Op shopping
  • Pigs because they have such sweet smiles.
  • Quizzes from the newspaper – my family and I do them together on weekends, sometimes over the telephone if we are not all in the one place.
  • Rainbows, Robins, Reading and (Jack) Russell Terriers
  • Stargazing and Sucking the chocolate off Clinkers (Simultaneously would be excellent)
  • Thimbles, Terriers (Jack Russell ones)
  • Ukuleles – on which my daughter plays the William Tell Overture.
  • Violets – April Violets was my grandma’s favourite perfume.
  • Wind in the Willows – one of my favourite books, written by Kenneth Grahame
  • X is for Marimba, which doesn’t start with X but is a large wooden musical instrument similar to a large Xylophone – I have one which my son made in the lounge room.
  • Yellow – because it’s the colour of happiness
  • Zinnias because my nana always grew them in her garden.