Glenda Millard

Jul 11 2012 

For All Creatures

by Glenda Millard illustrated by Rebecca Cool

This second collaboration from the creators of the award-winning picture book Isabella’s Garden is a winner in my book. It reads like a prayer of thankfulness, straight from the pages of Glenda Millard’s award-winning ‘Kingdom of Silk’ books, with her trademark lyrical language drawing the reader in with its rhythm and alliteration. The book pays homage to all creatures great and small, to love and life, to kindness and gentleness and to the marvel of being alive. The language is imbued with tenderness and warmth.

It is varied, evocative and thought-provoking, yet playful and imaginative. It doesn’t shy away from complex words like metamorphosis or new phrases like ‘haughtiness and humpiness’ and ‘scribbled silver secrets’.

Rebecca Cool’s mixed-media illustrations are superb: dramatic and varied. The rich colours leap from the page as a procession of animals stride through the book.

Every double-page spread is a surprise and a wonder that will enthrall young readers, whether they are reading independently or listening and sharing with an adult. In this fast-paced world it is the kind of book that will slow us down in order to savour the language and enjoy the illustrations again and again.

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